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From: Jerry Scanlan
Date: 23 Apr 2004
Time: 01:23:02 -0400
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Idiots!!!!!!, the movie hasn't even begun production, nor will it start for some time. People with half a brain would know that if the movie had only begun 2 hours ago, any website that had to do with the subject would be swarming with some kind of information, and since this is the only site on the web with any info at all.......well u should see where im getting at. Also, for those people who veiw the tv guide channel, don't you think that they would have mentioned it. for real, Fast and Furious 2 was mentiond months before it started production and the movie itself BLEW THE BIG ONE. now think of what you just read and develope some common sense. When the plan for Halo is finished the media will give you plenty of notice.

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