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From: Lord of Halo Snipers
Date: 06 Jan 2004
Time: 17:45:05 -0500
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I have fought many wars, battles and skirmishes....the Halo Movie will be one of the best things that has happenend in my life. I am the Lord of Snipers, and I belive that whoever plays as the legendary Master Chief should be some one with the knowledge of Halo, a Halo Master, one who would feel like he's in the game when playing. I wish i could play as someone, but i am only 12.....My age may seem funny, but "Chalenge me in Halo, and you will be lying on the ground with a hole through your head.". I am almost a legend in the world i live in. Violence creeps through the valleys. Step outside without percaution, and death will find its way to you. I may be 12, but Halo is my life, my determination, my source of combat knowledge. I cherish this game. I have even been working on my own Halo: Combat Evolved based book. I don't care who is the actor, as long as he has Halo in his every thought. I can recite everything that people say, do, and even when or where they die in Halo. I wish i could participate in the Movie, but i cannot. All that i reach for, I cannot reach. I carry such a burden, and cannot carry it. What you need, my friends, is a Halo God, someone Legendary in the Multiplayer Halo Matches, someone worthy of such a position. I now wait for the Movie to be completed, hopeing it is worthy of the Title: "Halo".

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