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the best actors for master cheif and cortana

From: halo master 1 and 2
Date: 23 Dec 2003
Time: 11:14:41 -0500
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master 1:I think a guy like vin diesiel would be perfect cause the master cheif is tall strong and has no fear so ya And for cortana i think it would have to be the terminatrix from t3 because u need some one who has spunk just like cortana and she's not afraid to speak her mind so she would be perfect. master 2: I think vin diesiel also is perfect because like the master chief he is very tall and he is the exact build for him . As for cortana i think that the terminatrix is perfect for cortana because the terminatrix has got attidude just like cortana and she is the height for her .. and i think the terminatrix would look cool as a hologram. master1: the terminatrix is perfect because she was always figuring out plans to stop john conner and cortana always had plans throught the whole game ps:The game was awsome when beat it on every setting . i think u should listen to us cause we have betten it all so WE might have an idea who could be who pss:try to make legendary harder next time plz !@

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